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Nice things people have said about Have Not Been The Same

"If your friends don't like this book, well, they're no friends of mine."

Ivan Doroschuk,

Men Without Hats

"Have Not Been the Same is as exciting, gritty and visceral as the song from which it takes its name. One can practically smell the stale beer and cigarette smoke lofting from its pages, rocketing us back to one of the most creative periods of Canadian music ever, an era that would lay the foundation for th future success of bands like Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and the New Pornographers. This is a must-have for any discerning Canadian music fan."
Grant Lawrence, CBC Music, author of Dirty Windshields and Adventures in Solitude

"It should be read cover to cover by anyone who is thinking of making music for a living in this country ... Drawing on the authors' years of experience in the trenches of independent music and passion for telling its forgotten stories, the writing captures the spirit of bands who drove long hours on lonely winter roads to connect with whatever audiences they can find."

Paul McEwan, Toronto Star

"If you only buy one music
book this year, make it this
one. Provided you've already bought mine."
Dave Bidini, Rheostatics

"This takes the next step after Dave Bidini's On a Cold Road. Slowly, but at least fully and completely, the stories that make up our music are being told." — Andrew Whiteman, Broken Social Scene, Apostle of Hustle

"This great book is the Trans-Canada Highway of post-punk rock journalism, connecting all the dots on the map."
Joel Plaskett

"This book will be required reading at Canadian universities by 2085. A thoughtful and detailed document of a groundbreaking time in the country's musical history. So glad it exists, and not just because Sloan is in it."

Jay Ferguson, Sloan

"This tome shines a light on the various dark corners of creative activity that kept Canadian rock music alive and growing."
Kieran Grant, Toronto Sun

"I have always believed that we were making history. This book is the proof." — Chris Murphy, Sloan

"A revelatory read."
Stuart Berman, Pitchfork,
author of This Book is Broken

"A survey of unprecedented generosity and breadth."

Derek Weiler, Quill & Quire

"This book is proof that gods and goddesses walk among us. Dig it. All the children are in."

Bruce McDonald, director of Roadkill,
Highway 61
and Hard Core Logo

"Barclay, Jack and Schneider have filled a gaping hole the written account of Canadian popular music."
Rob Bowman, Grammy-winning author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records

"Please judge this book by its cover. Sometimes a name is everything. you don't even have to read past the first page to know that Have Not Been the Same is going to be good. Doot doola doo doo ... doot doo!"
Nardwuar the Human Serviette

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